The Answer

We consider ourselves so smart and up to date in our world, with all the modern advances and technologies that just a few years back no one would have even thought of.  We enjoy conveniences such as cell phones, digital TV, LED light bulbs, smart cars.  You would think that with all these things that are meant to improve our lives that we would live in a sort of utopia, a place of peace and tranquility, but that is simply not the case.  Along with all these advances going on, we also have an increase in crime, drinking, drugs, and suicide.  What has happened?  I thought that these things were supposed to be the answer to all man’s problems.  Now we have social reforms, new laws to protect us, child protection programs, and so much more, yet no matter what we try to do, I simply don’t see an increase in the one thing that everyone is looking for – happiness.  We often think it can be found in a furthering of our technology and social reforms, but yet it alludes us.

Long ago, the answer arrived on this earth in the form of a little baby.  It was, of course, Jesus.  Jesus brought more reform to this globe than any other person could or will.  He started the first women’s liberation movement, he started social reforms, and he gave us advice on every aspect of life and love.  He also gave us the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do to you,” but more than all these things, he brought a special kind of peace.  A peace that passes all understanding because it is an eternal peace.  The peace that comes through the Salvation only to be found in one person – the person Jesus.  He has all the answers we need to find true happiness.

— Kevin Williams