Rally on the Rock 2020

Rally on the Rock

Postponed till Fall

At this point with the current situation the decision has been made to Postpone until a later date. Although this will hopefully all be cleared up by the time the Rally is supposed to happen we as planners can't guarantee we can have everything in place to have a successful weekend.
Once we have a better grasp of things to come we will work on getting a new date out, probably Early fall.
Thanks for your Understanding
Rally on the Rock Planning Team.

our Rally team

geoff dunn

our speaker

Geoff came from the Austin, Texas area, where he had been involved in youth ministry and outreach over the previous fourteen years. He received Bible and missions training from the AIM program in Lubbock, Texas, and spent close to two years working with the mission efforts in Quito, Ecuador. Upon returning to the U.S., a passion for God’s word led Geoff to study at the Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, Texas.

chris goodman

our director

Chris has been the Director for the Rally on the Rock for many years he has provided a wonderful environment for the youth to grow and be encouraged


under construction


Redmond Church of Christ

theme: Psalm 61
"The Rock That is higher than i"