About Us

Redmond Church of Christ, Redmond Oregon

We are a Christian congregation. Preaching and Teaching Salvation through Gods word. We Share Jesus love through words and actions Our priority is, sharing with the community, the Truth, that comes from Studying and Clarifying the Bible. The Bible is the Greatest Love Story ever written. We welcome everyone to come and Worship the God of the universe with us.

What We Believe

We are a Bible Believing Church. The bible is the only dependable source to teach us about God, Christ, The Holy Spirit, and his will for man, this is our only source of authority.

We are a Restorational Group.

We are not a denomination or a non-denominational group.  We are part of the restoration movement.  We seek to be the same Church Christ shed his blood for.

Our Worship is Simple and Devout.

Jesus said , God is Spirit and they who worship Him must worship in Spirit and Truth.

You will hear only Gods word.

Because there is condemnation pronounced against those who teach any other teaching than the revealed Word of God.

We revere the Authority of Christ.

Jesus said ,Why do you call me Lord, Lord and not do what I say? 

Church Activities

We offer In home bible study ,Children’s bible classes, Vacation Bible school, Youth Rally , Camping and much more. Come and join with us in Worship.